Sustainable production at Shirt-King

The classic textile industry is one of the largest global consumers of electricity and water. Textiles are often produced in large quantities at low prices, printed and then often transported around the globe.

If a collection sells worse than expected, it is regularly destroyed again. You and Print-on-Demand can change that. Sell your textiles first and have them produced afterwards. This saves the environment and your wallet.

You can make the difference with your brand and now enjoy all the benefits of print-on-demand. And with a clear conscience.

Water-based colours

We only use water-based and therefore non-toxic colours for printing. All DTG inks used by us are OEKO-Tex certified.

Production "on-demand"

On-demand production only uses resources if the buyer for the product is already known. Thus, no textiles are produced which end up in large quantities in the textile shredder again.

Textiles from organic cotton

We offer you a broad portfolio of textiles, most of which are made of organic cotton. We are official dealer of the organic brand Stanley/Stella.

Fair printing "Made in Germany"

The printing of your textiles takes place in our Berlin production. Thus, distances are short and social standards high. Unlike some other companies, we pay our taxes in Germany.

What we do to produce sustainably

We have been committed to the sustainable production of printed textiles for many years. To this end, we work together with Stanley/Stella, among others, who exclusively produce fair organic clothing.

At Stanley/Stella, production takes place under controlled conditions in the classic textile producing countries – and that is important! Otherwise the people there would have no work and therefore no prosperity.

At the same time, textile printing – a decisive environmental factor – only takes place in our company if the textile has already been sold to an end customer. The digital printing used here requires considerably less water for the printing process than many other classic printing methods.

All products are printed by us in Berlin. Our employees are paid fairly and we pay our taxes locally. You want to see us for yourself? Then come by and visit our showroom.

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